CBD Full Spectrum or CBD Broad Spectrum – Which one is better?

When we talk about CBD products we usually come across various terminologies, such as Full Spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD. Understanding the purpose of each of them is crucial before we make a choice. Each type has a very different impact on our body and thus taking an informed decision while choosing the product, is something that cannot be overlooked.

To understand the impact of cannabinoids, we must first understand how they work.

The cannabinoids interact with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) found in our bodies. This system has a complex network of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters located in the brain, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and immune system. The ECS controls various biological functions, such as memory, cognitive performance, pain perception, stress management, mood regulation, etc.

When cannabidiol (CBD) comes in contact with the receptors, it causes a range of health benefits, such as relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.

CBD Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD is a whole plant extract. It contains all the compounds that are naturally present in the plant including CBD, CBG, terpenes, THC, and other essential oils. 

What makes the use of Full spectrum CBD products popular is a phenomenon known as ‘Entourage Effect’. According to this phenomenon, the various compounds present in the extract complement and interact with each other in miraculous ways! The health benefits of the product are amplified according to this effect. 

CBD Broad Spectrum

 Also known as CBD Distillate, Broad Spectrum CBD is derived from the full spectrum by an easy process of distillation. It contains all the other compounds of the plant except THC. This assures a legal market of this product in many states and countries. 

Unlike the CBD isolates it can also deliver the enhanced benefits of the Entourage Effect, but it is limited due to the lack of THC. It is believed that Full Spectrum CBD products are more effective and beneficial than Broad Spectrum products. They are also thus required to be consumed in a considerably less amount.

But no product is better than the other. There are certain pros and cons related to all the products. Thus, it is important to choose what works best for you!

For instance, Full Spectrum CBD contains THC, to which a person may be restricted due to health or legal issues. Broad Spectrum CBD products usually have a specific odour and taste, which generally people avoid and thus prefer CBD isolate. But CBD isolate does not produce the ‘Entourage Effect’. 

So, to sum up, it all comes down to an informed choice according to your needs.

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